Homemade Pasta Sauce

I love making this homemade pasta sauce. It is super healthy and free from sugar. Most pasta sauces are loaded with sugar and preservatives. Recipe: Homemade Pasta Sauce Ingredients: - 1 onion chopped - 2 gloves of garlic - 1 can of diced tomatoes or 6 tomatoes diced - 1 tbsp dried basil - 1 tbsp dried oregano - Salt and Pepper to taste On stovetop heat pan with olive oil on medium heat. Add onions and garlic and saute until onions are transparent. Add remaining ingredients and cover for about 20 minutes. Let it cool off and add to a blender. Blend till smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve over pasta. (you can add some mushrooms also)

Fear Of Change

I am writing about Change today because change is one of those things I am struggling with, and it is never easy for me. You see I don’t like change in my life. The fear of making a life change, fear of the unknown, fear of moving ahead, fear of changing your routine or fear of losing weight. Change can be scary. I am moving to a new house in one month and to be honest I am scared of this change, but it does not have to be scary, you see I choose to be mindful, move out of my comfort zone and be in the now. I also know that I need this change in my life. But this seems so easy to do. You know that saying: Change is as good as a holiday. Because we love the familiar, we love to dwell in t

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