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Bernadine Otto
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Transformational Nutrition Coach & EFT Practitioner & Editor of The Live, Love and Eat Magazine

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It is Here!  Finally, a Step by Step done for you Weight Loss Method.

If I could show you how to lose weight and boost your self-esteem without starving or giving up delicious food, would you be interested?

 Are you tired of suffering through diets that have you losing a few pounds but gaining them right back afterwards.

Coaching thousands of women over the years I released that no diet fits all, and all diets are a no.  


That is why I have created The 6 Week Shrink Method. 


This method is not just another diet.  The 6 Week Shrink method is a method that combines nutrition, health and well being.  This method will change not only how you look from the outside but also from the inside so you can live a healthy happy life that you deserve. With this method you will create permanent change.


Permanent change is something that occurs on every level of your being. It’s something that is a lifestyle, not something you try for a little while and then quit. I wanted to bring you something that could not only transform the way you eat, but could transform your life.


I created this method to heal your inner self and outer self by giving you amazing tools on nutrition, health and well being.  I will introduce you to Intermittent Fasting, EFT Tapping that will lead to permanent change.


With the 6 week Shrink Method I meet you where you are.  We look at your health history, health issues and your goals. 


I believe that when you heal your inner self you will heal yourself overall.

​Throughout the 6 Weeks you will receive private coaching, EFT Tapping sessions, live videos giving you even more tips  on health, nutrition and weight loss on our private Facebook page. 


You are not alone, I will be here cheering you on as well as other women walking the same journey.


 Done-for-you daily meal plans and introducing you to Intermittent Fasting

You do not have to do anything, I have created a meal plan for you, what to eat, when to eat. 


What time works best for you.  

Easy Printable Shopping List

Easy printable shopping list to print and take to your grocery store.

Quick and simple recipes, with ingredients you can find at your local grocery store!

Recipes to prepare under 20 minutes

-  Which foods to eat.

-  Which foods to avoid and why.

-  Introduction to Intermittent Fasting

-  Worksheets 

 -  Mantras to keep you motivated

-  EFT Exercises to help you even more.

EFT Tapping videos.  Do some EFT Tapping with me in the comfort of your own home

Are You Ready to Transform