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Cravings / Emotional Eating

How I started:


Bernadine is a Certified Transformational Nutrition coach who trained through the Institute of Transformational Nutrition(ITN), Founder and Director, Cynthia Pasquella.  Transformational Nutrition is a method that combines science, psychology, and spirituality to allow us to eat consciously, cleanse our bodies and our minds, and liberate ourselves from our struggle with food so that we may live authentically, gracefully, and free. 


She was led by top experts like Dr. Mikell Parsons (Detoxification expert), Dr. Sara Gottfried (New York Times bestselling author of the hormone cure), Sean Croxton (radio host, founder of, Dr. Jen Landa (author of the sex drive solution for women), Dr. Pedram Shojai, doctor, Kung Fu, TaiChi, Qi Gong, Yoga, meditation expert and author of Rise and shine, Evelyne Lambrecht, Thorne research representative, Mira +Dr Jayson Calton, Nutritionist and bestselling Authors of rich food, poor food, naked calories, Pattie Ptak, CEO and founder of practice on purpose and many more...


After graduating from ITN and coaching thousands of women Bernadine soon realized that weight loss goes so much deeper.   She believes that when we heal our inner selves we heal our bodies overall.  She started studying as an EFT Practitioner through The International Metaphysical University.  She uses a method called the Tapping for weight loss and cravings method.     Bernadine takes you on a journey to weight loss, loving your body, and believing in yourself again.    


Bernadine created a method called The 6 Week Shrink Method.  This method is combined with EFT Tapping, nutrition, mind, body, soul, recipes and so much more. She is also the creator of her new program that will be launching later this year, the Fit and Healthy Jumpstart Program.  


  Permanent change is something that occurs on every level of your being. It’s something that is a lifestyle, not something you try for a little while and then quit. I wanted to bring you something that could not only transform the way you eat but could transform your life.




After coaching thousands of people on Health and Wellness and struggled with her own health and weight Bernadine founded the Live Love and Eat magazine to reach even more people that are interested in health, nutrition and spirituality.   



She created a magazine that has content from health coaches and professionals who have all overcome their own personal life and health challenges.


The Live, Love, And Eat is a monthly magazine dedicated to celebrating life, nutrition, self-care and well being. All articles are written by health coaches and professionals who have all overcome their own personal life and health challenges.   


The Magazine features insightful articles, simple and healthy recipes, health news, motivational quotes, and regular book features.


You can subscribe at Amazon to get your copy.




The Live Love and Eat Podcast is all about Health and Wellness.  We interview health experts who have all overcome their own personal life and health challenges.  Learn all about health, fitness, nutrition, Spirituality, wellness and so much more.

This podcast will change the way you Live Love and Eat.  

You can listen to the podcast here:




A few years ago my husband told me that we will be moving to the USA.  Growing up in South Africa and staying there for most of my life, this was devastating and sad news to me.  I had to leave my friends behind but most of all my family and a successful career as a Preschool teacher. My husband had to move immediately and I stayed behind with our three kids.  It was very stressful of not having him around.  I had to finalize everything and sell most of our possessions and make sure that the rest is shipped.  


At first, the move and a new country was a shock to me.  Everything was unfamiliar and again I had no support structure. My husband traveled most of the time and I started eating when I was emotional and the weight just kept putting on. I used food as my security. I loved food and food loved me. I thought I could control the food. When I felt nervous, food was reassuring. When I was anxious food was soothing. When I was sad, food lifted me up. When no one was home, food was my babysitter. For every single emotion, I could turn to food and she would love me back.










During the first year, my dad passed away from cancer.  I blamed myself for not being there when he passed away.  All of this let me to be diagnosed with depression.  Some mornings I just couldn’t get out of bed, just to get dressed was an issue for me.  I started thinking of taking my own life. I was lost.  I told myself that if I do this everything will be OK.  My hubby will be fine and my kids will be fine and at that stage of my life, I was losing my husband as well. 


Then one morning after struggling out of bed I walked into the bathroom and stood before the mirror, is this the person you want to be, I asked myself.  I realized then that I am more than what I have become and that I deserve more in life. 

I started reading about nutrition and what foods to eat.  I started feeding my body with healthy nutritious foods and also started picking up all the pieces of my life.  But something else came on my path, my doctor discovered a lump in my one breast, and I had to go for a mammogram, I remembered that day, I felt scared and alone.  The sweetest words I heard was,  "we are happy to inform you that your mammogram showed no evidence of cancer".  I was even more determined to change my life. 


I learned about what is good for my body and how to give my body the right nutrients that it needs.  I lost 50 pounds in that first year, with lots and lots of perseverance I pushed through. There is still some days that I struggle or just feel down, but then I pick myself up and I know that I am so worth everything in life.  









I feel like before my weight loss journey, I did not know who I was. I was living life day to day with no real purpose, no self-love, and no goals. It's kind of crazy how when you get your health on track, everything just falls into place. I know there are zillions of others out there in this world who know exactly what I am talking about and those are the people I hope to reach. We are all beautiful people who sometimes get lost in this crazy world. 


My journey taught me to Love myself, trust my choices, and remember what I deserve, and to keep pushing forward.  Today I am helping women to love their bodies, heal their innerselves to create permanent weight loss and to find their worthiness.  My journey is still going strong, I believe I can make a change.........  




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