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I struggled with emotional eating and being too hard on myself. Bernadine taught me how EFT could help with those emotions and made me realize that I am worthy and good enough. Bernadine believed in me when I didn't believe in myself and she encouraged me to help me overcome the things that were holding me back. EFT helped me to be more mindful of my emotions and it also helped me learn a lot about myself, which led me to become much more graceful towards myself.


The whole experience has been life changing, but the part that impressed me the most was when we tapped on our biggest craving, together. I had a giant cupcake with me, and it looked and smelled delicious! After a few rounds of tapping, the cupcake smelled like unhealthy, sugary junk and it went into the TRASH. I LOVE sweets, and that was a HUGE deal for me. Since then, I haven't had many cravings for sweets, and when I do, I am able to eat a little bit (or just enough) and be completely satisfied. I want to do that with every food I crave now! ;)


 I don't know exactly how EFT works, but I do know that it WORKS. 


I was skeptical at first, but now I am a believer, and I recommend anyone that has an emotional block that is keeping them from their goals, to try it. It will be life changing, it was for me anyway.


I would recommend EFT tapping to anyone that has ever struggled with emotional health, and I would recommend them to Bernadine because of her ability to explain the concept of EFT and because she makes it easy to learn and her encouragement helps me to stay on track. I love working with Bernadine, she has a down-to-earth personality, kindness and encouragement, and her passion for helping people like me to see their true worth.

Kelley Childers

Bernadine Otto from the Body Shrink has the ability to help especially overweight women to feel better in their bodies and lose weight. She uses her amazing knowledge as a transformational nutrition coach and EFT tapping techniques. Her approach goes deeper than just helping with weight loss. She helps her clients to achieve a long lasting transformation by finding the real underlying issues. Bernadine is such a positive person and genuinely interested in helping other people. She has brought to life her own health magazine featuring other health experts sharing their wisdom. I highly recommend working with Bernadine if you are looking for long-term solutions.

Andrea Caprio, March 2017

Before starting this program my blood pressure has been so high for a year that I was supposed to be on medication and my hormones were all over the place. Also I could not lose weight at all on other programs or on my own. I had many aches and pains during the night and in the morning. 


So far I have lost 7 pounds and 1 pants size on the 6 Week Shrink Program.  I have so much more energy that is the biggest perk by far.  


I love working with Bernadine, she is so committed to her product and her clients. She is understanding, knowledgeable and always professional. And always has a smile on her face.

The most important thing people should know is that this program is not difficult, especially once you learn ‘How and what’ to eat. Also the way Bernadine does not only focus on eating, but on a new life style with less stress and temptations, and a healthier attitude towards yourself. It is life changing for the better.

I would highly recommend this program for anyone just wanting a healthier happier life style. Even if you do not have a weight problem.


Now that I know how to prepare the meals it is much easier, and also I know the mindset I need to be in. I am already doing it all again!  I would like to add that after only 6 weeks, I had my annual blood work and health check and my family practitioner could not believe it, he said ‘see you next year’. My blood pressure and hormones are all correct without any medication. I have No more aches and pains at night or in the morning!

My outlook has changed, I feel happier, more energized and less stressed.

Please note, all this without adding any exercise, I think if I had done that, I would have lost a lot more.  That is what I will be adding the second time around.

Thank you Bernadine, you are great!

Debbie Binder, 53 years, Cincinnati Ohio

'' Bernadine Otto! I'm SO honored you're here and that I can be a part of your journey! You are going to be an AMAZING Transformational Nutrition Coach!!!! I LOVE that you're already out there helping people! Such a beautiful thing!!!'' - Cynthia Pasquella

Bernadine's program has shown me that dieting does not have to be hard work.


 Eating according to her weekly menus have been with the necessary planning quite easy and tasty.  For once I was not hungry all the time.  And I did not feel depraved.  The food was delicious and filling enough.  I slowly started noticing that eating according to her menu plan made me not only feel content and happy but also I did not want those very sweet and fatty stuff anymore.  My body did not grave it and when I did eat it my body quickly said no.  


Having Bernadine only an email or Skype away helped with the doubts and questions.  Once  you start with the program you start loosing you motivation.  Soon the doubt came again.  But with Bernadine's help and the motivational mantras she helped me to keep going.  Having to change is never easy but with Bernadine's tools, it was soon quite simple.


So far I have lost 7 kg( 13 pounds) with this program.  I am not there yet.  The menu plans that Bernadine have provided will be used many times in the future as I continue on the road of being a healthier, happier and thinner me.  Thanks to Bernadine’s Body Shrink program!

Suzette Daneel, 45 years, Tilburg, the Netherlands.

''Bernadine is fantastic to work with. She is positive, and always available for support. Her plans are easy to follow and she provides great informational material, including recipes. I would highly recommend working with her'' - Lara Baron

I have never been to a nutritionist and I have never been overweight but women always want to lose a few pounds.  I wanted to eat healthier and it is not always easy to cook for one person.

Seeing Bernadine’s program and receiving information from her I decided to sign up for the 6 Week Shrink Program.  After my first week I lost 1.8 kg/4 pounds and that felt great.  Seeing results after the first week motivated me to go on with this program.  The highlight for me is when friends and people at work started noticing that I am losing weight.


I was not sure if this was going to work as we live in different countries, I am in South Africa and Bernadine is in the USA.  With today’s technology I think this is easier.  Bernadine is always available on Facebook, email, twitter and Skype.  This is more convenient than having to make an appointment for a consultation and to sit and wait to see someone.


Because Bernadine is always available on all these different ways of communication it is easier to ask for help.  Bernadine gives advice and motivates you all the way.  She is like a friend, just a phone call away.  Bernadine shows personal interest.  She knows what you are going through, she has been there herself.  Bernadine has a lot of helpful tips as you continue on your transformation.

This program is so exciting you receive all your information in time to start your next week.  You can plan ahead and your meals are not the same over and over.  I have learned through this program to eat more regular and when to eat.  I have more energy during the day and I never have that bloated feeling.

I recommend the 6 Week program to anyone who would like to lose weight or live a healthier life.  Bernadine is sharing so much information.  If you go on to her website you will also find helpful articles to read and recipes.  

I have just proven that you can do this program from a distance.  It does not matter where you are.  Bernadine’s 6 Week Summer Shrink program has worked for me.  After my 6 weeks I decided to continue on this program.  The recipes is so easy and quick to make and it is healthy.

- Irma Roodt, PA to Director of Medical Company, Fourways, South Africa

''Bernadine entered my life at a time I was looking for change not just with my weight but with my life.The support I received from Bernadine is wonderful.  I feel empowered now to take charge of my life through Bernadine’s coaching and tools. I have lost 20 pounds on The 6 Week Shrink Program. I did not just learn about nutrition, I learned how to live again'' - Meagan 

I was very frustrated with being overweight and always being tired.  I was afraid that I might be compromising my health by not eating the right foods, losing weight or exercising.  I didn’t know where to start – it seemed impossible.  With Bernadine’s help I kept to the program and started to feel better about myself.


  Instead of seeing a huge mountain that needed to be moved she helped me to see that anything is possible and most of all that I am capable of doing whatever I put to mind.  Up to now I have lost 14kg (30 pounds) in just 2 months.  I have a lot more energy and don’t feel tired all the time. It was very comforting to know that help is just an email away. 


Whenever I was unsure about anything I could just ask and I knew that Bernadine would be there to assist.  Coming into work on a Monday and receiving an email asking me how I was and how the program was going just made me feel that I am not just another person trying to lose weight.  There was someone interested enough to ask me how I was doing, supporting me and caring for me.  Because of this I didn’t even want to cheat or disappoint myself and her!  People should know that Bernadine is very passionate about what she is doing and that she will go the extra mile for them and encourage them constantly.  


Bernadine’s interest in their well-being is honest and that she can help them change their lives for the better.  I would definitely recommend Bernadine to everyone I know who wants to lose weight or just become healthy, it is very challenging to do this on your own but if someone encourages you and believe in you it becomes easy.  Bernadine made it so easy to do this, sharing her own experience with me, being honest about her frustrations but also sharing her recipes to help me was really an indication to me that she does care and wants the best for me. 


Opening up about something this personal is not easy for everyone.  I didn’t want to let anyone know that I am trying to lose weight just in case I did not succeed.  These days’ people are noticing that something is happening to my body and it feels good to know that hard work do pay off.  I don’t think I could ever be as brave as she is to share but I am surely glad that she did.  If it was not for Bernadine sharing her success I would have still been miserable, tired and ashamed of the way I look.  Although I still have a long way to go I know that I can do it.  Thank you so much for taking my hand on this journey.  - 

Yolanda Griffiths, Colonel/SAPD, Nelspruit,  South Africa

I started with the 6 Week Shrink program because I was tired of eating the same foods, day after day. The recipes and variety in the 6 Week Shrink program helped tremendously! 


 I did my lifestyle change about a year ago. August 2013. So far, to date I've lost 23kg/50 pounds. I stopped weighing myself during the 6 Week Summer Shrink program, because I realized the number on the scale is exactly that, a number! I've changed my mindset and now it's all about how I feel about my body, shape and size. I do weight training and with weights it's sometimes difficult to lose weight, but I'm definitely loosing fat!


Doing the 6 Week Shrink program I felt great and have lots of energy. I eat every 3 hours and this keeps me going throughout the day.  The 6 week Shrink program helped me to prepare my meals in advance.  If your food is prepared it is easier to stay away from junk food.

I loved the support.  Bernadine was there every step of the way.  Bernadine was interested in how I was doing during the 6 Week Shrink program.  I think that people should know that Bernadine has been there and that it is possible to follow in her footsteps and loose the weight while adapting to a healthier lifestyle.  I would definitely recommend the 6 Week Shrink program to friends, family and co-workers.

I loved Bernadine’s support and how easy the 6 Week Shrink Program was.  I will definitely work with Bernadine again in the future. 

Just keep doing what you're doing!

 Thanks so much for all your support! X

- Anita van der Merwe, Marketing director, Dubai, UAE

After the first week on The 6 Week Shrink Program vegetables seemed like a luxury, I soon discovered that when I buy in season I save so much money.  I also enjoyed finding ways to add them to my diet.  The weight kept falling off.  I have more energy, my skin is radiant and I am more confident in years" - Susan

’Bernadine helped me with coming to terms that weight loss is not by accident or some diet that you can follow for short periods.  She coached me in realizing that weight loss is a long journey of self-discovery and perseverance.


  I have lost 4.8 kg (9 pounds) to date in 2 months.  I have more energy in the morning especially on waking up, it is so much easier to get out of bed and get up.  Bernadine’s coaching helped me see that perseverance is the key to the life change that brings about weight loss.  I liked working with Bernadine because she shows personal interest in each and every one of her clients. 


You are not just another client.  She pays attention to the details.  To your specific food preferences and she will work according to that.  She does not just give you a generic diet and expect you to make it work, she tailors it to suit your needs. 


Bernadine has also been through the weight loss journey, so she knows about the ups and downs and how hard it can be sometimes, especially emotionally in the times you feel demotivated.  She however shows the importance that it is not all about the scale and that short term weight associated goals is also a very important part of the journey. 


I would gladly recommend Bernadine’s coaching to all of my friends and family.  I have even discussed her coaching with some of my patients.  Because she pays attention to details and is willing to go the extra mile with all her clients.  I would like to go through this journey again with Bernadine because of her continued support, her encouragement and her great optimism.  She has been through the same journey and struggles and knows what the hardships are. 

- Marlie Rautenbach, Chiropractor, Groblersdal/South Africa

Bernadine tapped into what I am feeling and she helped me to draw out the issues that I need to deal with. - Jessica

This lady is so awesome. She is patient and full of great ideas. She introduced me to tapping. I love it. And her recipes are delicious!! -  Donna Waford 

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