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  • Bernadine Otto

7 Ways To Eat When You are Hungry And Stop When You Are Full

I still have to ask myself this question: "Are you really hungry"?

  • Make sure your hunger is not dehydration, before you eat drink a glass of water.

  • Wait 10 minutes and see if you are really hungry. See Hunger scale.

  • Watch the clock to calculate when was the last time you had something to eat. 4-6 hours in between meals is good.

  • Eat mindfully, when you feel you had enough stop eating. Try to discover what feelings prompt your emotional eating. Uncover your feelings by tuning into psychical sensation of emotion- Weight in chest – sadness- Tension in shoulders + neck – anger- Feeling energetic – happiness

  • When adding food to your plate, practice portion control, size that fits into the palm of your hand.

  • Don't stick gum, a lollipop or a mint into your mouth to satisfy your hunger, go with healthy foods that satisfies you.

  • Keep a food journal and track down what you eat every day and when.

And last of all listen to your body. You are the only person that knows your body the


  • I am good – you feel 100% satisfied

  • I feel ok but I need to eat soon – you feel a little less than satisfied but you are still ok. You are not yet hungry.

  • I am hungry – You are starting to think about food and it feels like you might need to eat soon

  • I am really hungry now – You are feeling the physical hunger now; your tummy is growling and you start to feel a bit anxious now

  • Ok I really got to eat right now – you feel irritable and unable to concentrate. You may even feel nauseous.

  • I am desperate – you are tired and you have a headache, you need to eat or you are going to make trouble

  • I am a bit to good – you are starting to feel uncomfortable, you know you shouldn’t eat more but you do anyway

  • I feel uncomfortable – this is where you unbutton your pants and start wishing you hadn’t had those last few bites

  • I ate to much – you feel tired, bloated and stuffed.

  • I don’t feel good – you swear you will never eat again.

Tapping on having control over food

We will first tap on the negative

Karate Chop- Even though I do not feel like I have control over what I eat I love, respect and accept myself x3

Eye brow- All this stress around food

Side of Eye- I want to eat better

Under Eye- I do not want to deprive myself

Under Nose- I do not trust myself

Chin- I need this food

Collar bone- I have to keep eating when I am not hungry

Under arm- Because I need a break

Top of head- I need to escape

Eye brow- I need this food

Side of Eye- Food has been such a comfort to me

Under Eye- Food is always there for me

Under Nose- I am not willing to let go of these unhealthy habits

Chin- These intense cravings

Collar bone- This inner battle with myself

Under arm- I do not want to eat a certain way

Top of head- But I do not want to deprive myself

Eye brow- Maybe there is another way out

Side of Eye- Maybe I can still enjoy food without feeling guilty

Under Eye- Maybe I can feel calm before I reach for food

Tapping on the positive

Eye brow- I choose to feel calm and centered now

Side of eye- I find healthy ways to nurture myself

Under eye- I trust myself around food

Under Nose- I am in tune with my body

Chin- My body has been under so much stress

Collarbone- This overeating is only draining myself and my body

Under Arm- I can trust myself

Top of head- I trust myself

Eye Brow- I am kind to my body

Side of Eye- I choose foods that nourish my body

Under eye- I find the pleasure in healthy food

Under Nose- They feel good to my body and soul

Chin- I take deep breaths before I begin to eat

Collarbone- I am present and in control

Under arm- I enjoy my food

Top of head- I know when I am full

Eye brow- I can be easy on myself

Side of eye- This feels so good

Under eye- I am in control

Under nose- I trust myself around food

Chin- I love myself and my body

Take a deep breathe in and out!

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