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Grounding and Earthing Exercise

Often when my clients feel anxious, stressed and they struggle to lose weight, I recommend earthing/grounding techniques.

I love doing this technique called grounding/earthing and breathing.

Let me first tell you what grounding is and how you can practise it.

Grounding is where we walk barefeet on mother earth connecting with nature and earth.

I was very skeptical on trying to do this. I started trying it and doing it myself. Just by walking barefeet on the grass and ground and really try to sooth my body and mind I could see such a big difference in myself overall.

The first night I slept like a baby, do you remember going on vacation and walking barefeet the whole day on the beach, and sleeping like a baby and feeling calmer.

Research has proven that grounding/earthing can reduce chronic pain, better sleep, increase energy, lowering stress and the list goes on.

Grounding/earthing exercise:

- Stand barefeet on the ground.

- Close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out. Imagine your feet are planted into the ground, like the roots of a oak tree.

- Relax your shoulders, and gently pull them away from your ears. Take a deep breath in and out.

- Place one hand on your belly, and breath deeply in and out of your belly.

- Let all the emotions go up, up into the branches of the tree, while they going up release all tension and take deep breaths in and out.

Stay in this position for a few more breaths.

You can also get a earthing mat, especially when the weather is to cold to go outside. You can just use it inside.

Tell me in the comments below, if you will be practising grounding/earthing!

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